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Russian Power Politics...and the Invasion of Ukraine.

Russian Power Politics...and the Invasion of Ukraine.

The concept of power politics today appeared clear and evident in the process of the invasion of Ukraine, where the policy of power gave priority to the Russian national interests…

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Rules of combat engagement.

Rules of combat engagement.

The rules of combat engagement are defined as a set of principles adhered to by the units of the armed forces of the state in cases of military confrontation, armed…

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Al-Musallh... Wishing you a Happy New Year 2022

Al-Musallh... Wishing you a Happy New Year 2022

A new year is coming and hope is renewed with the unity of a homeland in which everyone can live in peace, build and protect it Al-Musallh wishes you a…

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After a pause for years... The paper version of the Libyan magazine

After a pause for years... The paper version of the Libyan magazine "Al-Musallh" is reissued.

After a long wait, the new issue No. 48 was released, the paper version of the Libyan magazine "Al-Musallh", after an emergency hiatus that lasted for a few years, and…

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IEC “Crocus Expo” (Moscow, Russia)
May 19-21, 2016

Event Overview

This year's HeliRussia-2016 International Helicopter Industry Exhibition will be extensively expanded, with displays of different pilotless 'drone' craft, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

One of the most interesting exhibits will be the Sunic-H2M – a helicopter-type UAV. Visitors to the HeliRussia 2016 exhibition will get a chance to see a fully-operational unit and to learn about its features from 19th to 21st May 2016, at the Crocus City International Exhibition Centre in Moscow.

This will be the first time the Sunic-H2M has been shown in Russia. It's a multipurpose drone for use in maritime, mountainous, urban and other environments. The craft is capable of 360°-radius monitoring, reflects visible light, can utilise infrared and ultraviolet imaging, and its on-board set-up includes a thermal image sensor.

The Sunic-H2M can carry out a wide range of missions, both at sea, and in other complex environments. These include continuing to operate even in conditions of active radio interference - the craft has 40 different closed communications channels. Sunic-H2M can operate in maritime and shoreline patrols, it is able to perform search-and-rescue missions at sea and in mountainous. This drone craft is able to carry out monitoring of oil spills, to check on waste water, and carry out different kinds of studies. Its design enables it to transport, pick up, and deliver payloads of up to 50kg.

The Sunic-H2M can be fitted with additional extra equipment. The fuselage of the Sunic-H2M is waterproof, and has anti-corrosive protection. The airframe of the craft is filled with a special material which keeps it afloat if it makes a touch-down on water.

The Sunic-H2M has exceptional aerial maneuverability, which is accessed by an easy-to-operate control unit. This makes the craft of especial value in dangerous situations, where it can be deployed without risk to human life.

Each year the HeliRussia exhibition displays the very latest cutting-edge developments in the aerospace industry. The exhibition also has its own Business Program, which at HeliRussia 2016 will devote an unprecedented degree of attention to the technical, operational and legal aspects of the unmanned aerial systems. 

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