Manama, Bahrain
26-28 September 2016

Join 200+ senior officials from the GCC navy and coast guard and discuss the strategies and technologies to foster cooperation in maritime security in the Middle East. Officially supported by the Bahrain Defence Force and Royal Bahrain Naval Force, this will be the biggest OPV meeting in the region.

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Why can you not miss this event?

  • Meet with regional decision makers from navies and coast guards in order to develop relationships and better understand plans for acquisitions and expansion
  • Improve your understanding of the issues at the heart of maritime security in the Middle East in order to formulate strategies for the future
  • Meet with senior officers from GCC navies at a time of major proliferation in order to position your company front of mind for plans like the Saudi Naval Expansion Programme II
  • Learn international best practice and how future technologies are changing maritime operations by hearing from representatives of the most advanced navies in the world

Who will you meet?

  • Senior officers from navies and coast guards
  • Shipbuilders, dockyards and MRO providers
  • Systems integrators, detection technology providers and AIS providers
  • OEMs who supply solutions to the maritime industry
  • Specific solution providers aiming at navies and coast guards

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