cyber security summitQatar | 1st - 2nd December 2014
The Cyber Security Summit 2014
The essential & confidential cyber security summit for Qatar and the Middle East

The Middle East has become a hotspot for cyber-attacks amid an escalation of computer-led warfare across the globe.  As organisations brace for an increase in cyber crime this year,

Governments have a major responsibility for protecting national security and their citizens and there is a global recognition that the internet is part of both the national and international critical infrastructure which needs to be protected.

With its growing international profile promoting greater awareness of the country’s wealth, Qatar has recently been an especially vulnerable target, making it a more attractive target for cyber-attacks.  The resultant breaches ranged from ‘medium’ to ‘highly’ dangerous in terms of the threat they posed to their network.

Consequently, the Qatari government is investing in a comprehensive infrastructure programme in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Security and fraud prevention measures are expected to figure strongly. In addition, Qatar has already implemented a National Shield Project and their IT network of their Ministries and Government bodies will be completely secured by 2016.

cyber security summit

Qatar now wishes to lead the way in developing and employing cyber protection and assert itself as a model for Cyber Security. Current estimates value the Middle East Cyber Security sector at $25bn over the next 10 years. 


2 day Conference & Exhibition

The Cyber Security Summit has been developed and designed to help meet the priority cyber threat against both state & industry interests in Qatar and the wider Middle East region.

CS 2014 is set to cover the issues of criminal and state sponsored hacking, which not only targets the defence sector but also the commercial sector, as businesses find themselves increasingly targeted.



Call for papers

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