U.S. Army Paratroopers assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade has received of its newest high-speed and high-capacity Point of Presence (PoP) and Soldier Network Extension (SNE), or PoP/SNE, tactical communication equipment.

The new equipment is the first integrated group of networked technologies – radios, sensors and associated equipment and software – that will deliver an integrated voice and data capability throughout the entire Brigade Combat Team formation, from the brigade commander to the dismounted soldier.
Currently, the Army not only reducing system complexity and increases the reliability of many of its legacy core on-the-move vehicle integrations, but it also reduces the size, weight, and power to make them more expeditionary.
The vehicles equipped with the latest Army’s tactical communication equipment will provide soldiers and commanders with mobile networking, or mission command on the move, allowing them to take valuable network capability with them as they maneuver around the battlefield.
The newly acquired PoP/SNE equipment will be used by U.S. Army Paratroopers during Saber Junction 2019 exercise in Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany.
The 173rd Airborne Brigade’s new PoP/SNE tactical communication equipment enhances its capabilities during Saber Junction 2019 (SJ19) in Germany by enabling mobile mission command and providing on-the-move network connectivity, both line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight, according to a recent service news release.
Saber Junction 2019 is an exercise involving nearly 5,400 participants from 16 ally and partner nations at the U.S. Army’s Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels Training Areas, Sept. 3 to Sept. 30, 2019. SJ19 is designed to assess the readiness of the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade to execute land operations in a joint, combined environment and to promote interoperability with partnering allies and partner nations.

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